India Bison


DocStore™ is an automated document storage system that allows you to easily store, access, retrieve and share documents within minutes. A solution to the hassles faced by Custom Brokers and Forwarding Agents.

DocStore™ saves documents in a digital format in a cloud server, indexed by pre-defined parameters, allowing you to search, access and retrieve the specific document or section required in a matter of minutes from anywhere.

Service Highlights

This has been designed keeping in mind the challenges faced in storing, accessing and retrieving physical documents like:

  • Costs related to:
    • In-house or 3rd party Storage, access and retrieval
    • Photocopying machine and paper
    • Other related resources
  • Time to access, retrieve and share documents
  • Loss of documentation due to natural, pest-related or man-made causes
  • Possible penal action due to document non-availability
Our technology expertise

Our technology expertise