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About Us

The India Bison® Story

India Bison® was founded in 2010, evolving from a pure-play website development company into an integrated IT Services and Solution development company.

We are a Technology and Development partner to our clients, providing technical consulting, development support and project management capabilities on outsourced and on-demand models.

We believe in building trusting relationships with our clients through delivering high-quality, on-time and on-budget solutions that meet and exceed their requirements

The India Bison® Philosophy

We, India Bison®, are inspired by the wild animal of the same name, which roams free in the upper reaches of the hilly regions of India. The Indian Bison creates its own path, reaching up steep slopes and difficult trails – often creating the way for other animals to follow.

We aspire to build solutions and deliver solutions to the industry that creates breakthrough benefits for our clients and create a benchmark in the industry that other IT service providers will follow. 

We believe in Excelling beyond Expectation, delivering solutions that go beyond the stated requirements while anticipating future needs and industry trends that delight the customer. 

We are on an extended mission to expand development to all parts of India – building operations and development teams based in rural or semi-urban regions to support the local population and economies.



Ethical in transactions and relationships

Excellence in Client services

Accountability for all activities

Inclusivity and diversity in operations

Our Team

Amit Pendurkar

Founder, Strategy Development

Abhishek Gupta

Client Services & Business Development

Sunny Gupta

Technical Services and Delivery

Sandeep Patil

Strategy Solution Consultant

Madhav Koparkar

HR and Corporate Strategy

Akshay Pendurkar

Business Development Head

Shridatta Mankame

Customer Service Head
Docstore and Cloud Services


our technology expertise

our technology expertise